Buy Focals (feat. Young Joshua)

from by t.Jay

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Verse 1 (t.Jay):

Can I buy a vowel? Now. Cause I'm forkin' for the fortune, the
wheel is dealin' portions, and it seems so important. But is
this disproportioned and distorted? I see the Lord's
abundance, but I live like there's a shortage! So let me

buy an eye, cause mine been buyin' lies! Seems the
Visine can't clean no eyes that are dry! See I'm the
type of guy, that when my pride is high, HIGH
It's hard for me to admit, I'd rather die inside,

than tell my bro kin, that I'm broken, I can't focus with a motive
so impulsive, does a pulse even live within this poet?
If my eyes are truly lifeless, and out of line with the righteous,
then I find it's time to fight this! 'Cause this ain't what Christ is...

When I live in the shade, or sit in a cave, get sick of the ways, I'm seekin' the rays
It's time that I'm findin' the kind of environment vyin' to tie in that dyin' is gainnnnn...
Hello all, this "The Pre View",
it's time to buy an eye, I'm sick of mine bein' see through!


I'm tryin' to get me that, get me that
I wanna get me that, get me that
I need to get me that, get me that
Say what?! So gone and give me that, give me that (Repeat 1X)

Verse 2 (Young Joshua):

Can I buy a vowel?! Maybe an "I" to capitalize or maybe a
consonant to see through all the crime and capital lies
Makin' me see-sick when I see it, when I scroll and stroll the
cement, it's like a see-saw false full of secrets!

Don't be blinded just like I was blindfolded folded
arms, starry eyed chasin' stars and heart broken...
The constant sequence of events to appease the masses,
I was blind to His Word, it's like He gave me new readin' glasses!

Now I zoom in like a zoom lens, since He moved in,
consumin', improvin' my sight, I'm coolin'!
The wheel turned, couldn't believe it stopped on Bankrupt, but the
hurt drew me to Him, now hands raised like holdin' a bank up!

Say what?! My vision clear, perspective here, my motives changed!
Now every letter I write and hope shall trust and know His name!
In order to C, all that you can B,
X out yourself and trust in Christ who died on that T!


I'm tryin' to get me that, get me that
I wanna get me that, get me that
I need to get me that, get me that
Say what?! So gone and give me that, give me that (Repeat 1X)


from The Pre View, released November 27, 2012
Copyright 2012. Produced by Julian Council. Vocal arrangement by Townsend Pompeo. Additional vocals by Joshua Vann. Written by Joshua Vann and Townsend Pompeo. Recorded at A.T. Studios and Joshua Studios. Engineered by Townsend Pompeo and Joshua Vann. Mixed and mastered by Townsend Pompeo.



all rights reserved


t.Jay Virginia

t.Jay (TJ Pompeo) began producing and writing music when he was 15 years old. At the age of 18, a very close friend introduced him to D.U.R.A.G. Ministries on the campus of James Madison University. Jesus Christ captivated t.Jay's heart at one of D.U.R.A.G.'s bible studies, and from that day on he has dedicated his life to making the name of Jesus Christ famous wherever music and life take him! ... more

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